It  Has Always been a Wonderful Experience for Kids

Students will learn the basics of baking, along with safety in the kitchen. This will include how to properly measure wet and dry ingredients, identify and use proper tools for baking, as well as use fractions to double recipes, and much more! The students will go home on Friday with their own cake that they have made and frosted themselves!

Camp Dates:

June 7-11,2021


Aug 2-6,2021

Get Ready, Kids Cooking Camp !!!



Kids Making Breakfast
Children's Cooking Class

18 Carrot Bakery's Family

Adams Caar

Sarah Lahm

Emmanuel Tob

Hami Neemat

John Kennet

Tessy Spenser

Camp Dates:

June 7-11,2021


Aug 2-6,2021

Age groups:            8-11 years - 10am-12pm

Mon-Thurs:             12-17 years - 1pm-3-pm

Friday:                      3hr class-9am-12 & 1pm

$ 250 per child

NOW $195 per child

Call 512 688 4199